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Trade Winds Golf Resort & Hotel is the premier leisure development on St Helena Island. It is the culmination of a vision of St Helena Corporation PLC (SHCPLC).

The dream began with Paul O’Sullivan, who saw the development potential of St Helena Island and sent an advance party to explore it more than two years before the first scheduled flight to St Helena.

This visit resulted in the decision to establish SHCPLC, with a view to commercialise development opportunities on the tropical island of St Helena.

On 14 October 2017, having already acquired a site for a pilot project, Paul O’Sullivan and fellow director Anthony Fitzhenry, flew to the island on the inaugural passenger service.

Today, SHCPLC’s show house stands proud on Sapper Way, offering magnificent ocean and mountain views. SHCPLC is now the largest investor on St Helena Island, after the British Government

On the back of this success, in 2018, Paul negotiated the purchase of a controlling share in St Helena Leisure Corporation Limited (SHELCO), with the option to purchase 160 hectares of prime land, with approvals for a world-class 18-hole golf resort, hotel and villas.

SHELCO has since been renamed Trade Winds St Helena Island (Trade Winds) and is 75.1% owned by Saint Helena Resorts Limited, a 95% owned subsidiary of SHCPLC. The 5% shareholder is well-known ‘Saint’ (the affectionate term for people from St Helena), Mr Nigel George, who has a long history in construction and plant hire industries.

And so Trade Winds Golf Resort & Hotel St Helena Island was born. Paul negotiated the purchase of a further 43 Hectares of land, with the intention of developing Trade Winds Residences St Helena Island.


St Helena Corporation PLC (SHCPLC) is a property investment company incorporated on 8 July 2015, registered in the UK. Saint Helena Corporation South Africa (SHCSA) is registered in South Africa and is a wholly owned subsidiary of SHCPLC.

While SHCPLC’s focus is predominantly on property investments on St Helena Island, it also has property investment interests in other locations.

On St Helena Island, SHCPLC will focus on residential, commercial and leisure resort developments. All projects will be developed with sustainability in mind, taking into account environmentally conscious energy generation and smart design to minimise each development’s eco footprint and reliance on the limited natural resources of the island.

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For more information, visit the SHCPLC website.